Partners and Supporters

We have the honor to have 3 amazing partners and hundreds of supporters that contributed to our idea and thanks to whom we are doing what we do.





Mariana Dahan is originally from Moldova. Mariana left the country at a young age, settling first in France, and moving later to the United States, where she now works at the World Bank, in Washington, DC. Mariana decided to support this project because she believes that investing in the women of Moldova means investing in the future of the country, in its economic and social development. Mara Woman brings vocational training/education and development opportunities to villages and small towns, shaping the future of Moldova, one woman at a time, one life at a time, one family at a time.  







Nicolina Moruz "I've wanted for a long time to take some actions in solving the causes of social problems. Mara Woman was a project that managed to touch me because it is addressed to women that live in bad conditions. I received a present and I wanted to give back and I decided that contributing to Mara Woman is the best way to do it. In fact, it was a gift to myself."



 We won a grant from the East Europe Foundation that has given us the financial support we were so in need at the beginning. Thanks to them, we have manage to implement 3 social projects and buy the necessary equipment for our workshop in Scoreni.                                  The mission of East Europe Foundation is to empower Moldovan citizens and foster sustainable development through education and technical assistance programs that promote democracy, foster good governance and build economic prosperity.



Magenta Consulting is a social responsible company, managing to deliver great results to its customers when it comes to research and marketing consultancy, meanwhile giving back to community. Magenta is a role model for other companies, companies that would like to see themselves grow in a society that looks forward to develop economically and become a better one socially. 

Magenta Consulting
 is a business consulting company, specialized in strategic marketing. 

They choose the most appropriate research methods and techniques on the problem, budget and the available time. They know how important is information you offer them for developing the project and the conclusions they reach as a result of the research, that is why confidentiality is a permanent norm.

A multi-discipline team that includes experts in marketing, finances, psychology and sociology approaches each project differently for assuring that the result you obtain responds exactly to your current question. 

The large number of projects and the experience on the Moldovan market has offered them the possibility to understand in-depth the way the local consumer thinks and acts. Please visit Magenta's website for more information:

HERA promotes the economic autonomy of young women who have experienced violence and other forms of exploitation, so that they may become entrepreneurs and find formal employment.

They focus on entrepreneurship to: prevent trafficking by creating alternatives to dangerous and irregular migration; build on the strengths of survivors to reintegrate into the formal economy; stop re-trafficking; create new livelihoods to address different kinds of vulnerabilities; and to become entrepreneurial about one’s career and life choices.

With their help and financial support we have managed to improve our knitting equipment and acquire a new knitting machine, that will give us the possibility to open up our doors to one more woman in our lovely team. More information about Hera find here: