How to order

We've made it simple. Follow the steps after you added your item to the cart. Checkout with Paypal or your credit card. In case something goes wrong, please contact us at and we will fix the problem right away.

If you live in Moldova, you can also pay at the delivery, just check the box during the checkout process.

International Shipping

We ship from Moldova, where our workshop is located. The local post office Poșta Moldovei can deliver your order in 2 weeks anywhere you are. It can be faster, through the express delivery, but much more expensive, so we don't recommend it. Just order your lovely item and relax. It will arrive to you in time.

The shipping costs vary from country to country, but it wont exceed 5 EUR or 6 USD, if it costs more we will cover the difference :)

You will have a tracking number and you can check anytime the status of your order.

 Local shipping

We work with an amazing team of couriers from CityExpress that will deliver your order anywhere in Moldova. If you are in Chișinău it will be only 20 MDL and 40 MDL outside of Chișinău. The items will reach you within 1-3 working days. We promise.

You can return the item if you didn't like it or it was not what you were expecting. We will refund your money within 5 working days. We do not cover shipping in this case as well.