What I've learned and what I was taught in one month with MARA

One month ago I started working at MARA as a shop assistant and I ended up working as a little bit more than that, you will see later on why.

MARA - a team of people from Moldova

MARA is a local self sustainable brand from Moldova founded in 2013. It promotes ethical fashion and supports other small independent local artisans. Should I mention that they beautifully knit beautiful clothes? – No?, then let's move on. At the job interview two women met me in a very casual way.They asked me about my schedule and introduced me to the definition of Slow Fashion.They were Elena Scutaru and Ewa Bona (the CEO and MARA’s designer). Shortly after our conversation I knew it’s not going to be an ordinary job. So, after working one month with such an accomplished team I would like to share my experience with you.

I began reading articles on ethical fashion

I finally started making the difference between Slow Fashion and Fast Fashion. Then I became aware of all the ways that Fast Fashion is damaging not only the environment and human lives but also our perception of the things we want and the things we need. Fashion brands have to compromised their manufacturing process in order to be competitive. But how much should they compromise in order to make a profit?!

People should know and talk about it

I started spreading the word among my mates, some of them I have invited to the shop. I think the change will come easier to youngsters of my generation (I`m 19). As they can easily switch these habits and finally think what is better. A good beginning would be watching the film True Cost (2015), a documentary exploring the impact of fashion on people and the planet.

Reward your skin and feel the difference, why choose natural garments?

 I was taught that especially in the summertime our biggest organ-the skin is in need of natural fabrics, as it has to breathe, so cotton, linen, silk is preferable. We have customers asking how something knitted can keep you cool in such hot weather. To be honest, you will feel hot in any garment when it`s more than 30 degrees outside, you will feel more comfortable in clothes from natural fibers which will absorb the sweat and try to thermally isolate the skin from the heat. I should confess, I already have a MARA skirt made of 100% cotton and it goes just perfectly with our Moldovan summer.

Grow by teaching others

During the last month i've been particularly aware of the way i have been consuming fashion. And just by making sure that the pieces I buy are made from natural fibers the hot weather is a lot more bearable. Also by upcycling some of my older garments I have discovered how easy you can create an unique and more stylish wardrobe.  

This experience makes me think of how important was receiving this job.

This is why I am very grateful to MARA.

Nicoleta Zagorodniuc
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