Essential Autumn Cardigan

Here, at MARA, we don’t have a 100 cardigans you can choose from. We have one. And it’s perfect. We also want to tell you its story, because we believe in clothes that have more just one basic function.

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What I've learned and what I was taught in one month with MARA

One month ago I started working at MARA as a shop assistant and I ended up working as a little bit more than that, you will see later on why.

MARA - a team of people from Moldova

MARA is a local self sustainable brand from Moldova founded in 2013. It promotes ethical fashion and supports other small independent local artisans. Should I mention that they beautifully knit beautiful clothes? – No?, then let's move on. At the job interview two women met me in a very casual way.They asked me about my schedule and introduced me to the definition of Slow Fashion.They were Elena Scutaru and Ewa Bona (the CEO and MARA’s designer). Shortly after our conversation I knew it’s not going to be an ordinary job. So, after working one month with such an accomplished team I would like to share my experience with you.

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Cine mi-a făcut haina?

Omul se întâlneşte după îmbrăcăminte şi se petrece după minte, spune un vechi proverb. Ce-ar fi dacă haina pe care o purtați, ar reprezenta mai mult decât simțul esteticului, cât de creativ sunteți, job-ul pe care îl aveți sau statutul social. Ce-ar fi dacă cineva v-ar întreba nu doar de unde ați cumpărat haina dar de către cine și unde a fost creată? Ce i-ați putea răspunde?

“Cine mi-a creat haina?” reprezintă un proiect internațional de sensibilizare a consumatorilor să fie atenți și să cumpere responsabil. Acesta s-a născut după marea tragedie de la fabrica din Bangladesh, unde au murit peste 1000 de oameni. Aceștia lucrau în condiții inumane și salarii foarte mici.

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